What the Hell Is This?! – The Devil Head Video Game PS1 Controller


Seriously, what the hell is this thing? I’ve been totally unable to figure out where it comes from. (UPDATE: WE FOUND IT, EXPAND TO LEARN MORE!)

UPDATE: We have a thread going on my Facebook page, we might have figured it out!

The controller is apparently manufactured by Gemini, a subsidiary of Philips. The controller is part of the “Freaks” lineup of third party controllers released in 2004; my controller is the PS2 Berserker model. Freaks controllers were sculpted by Jeff Kokin, the renowned movie miniature and action figure artist. They are advertised as being “rare” on eBay but I’m uncertain of this.

Think you can help? Know anything more about it? Let me know in the comments below!

This is a new segment in The RPG Fanatic Show where I showcase some of the videogame related things I’ve come across and just can’t figure out where it came from. This item is a devil or demon head controller with horns and burning red cat eyes. I assume it was bundled with a game or something, but I have no idea which game. The Googles tell me nothing!

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  1. If it's hell, it won't be a good selection of games. It'll be like Hello Kitty Island Adventure RPG or Bleach: Curse of the Neverending Filler Episodes RPG.

  2. My Guess is some sort of a Controller based around some game that involves the Devil just a wild guess..But it would be the most obvious one in the book

  3. Did a Google search and don't see any mention of a controller bundled with it….do you have a source you can find about that?

  4. It doesn't have rumble support so I'm pretty certain it's just an analog controller. It'll work on both, but I think it was released for the PS1

  5. I did a search on Amazon and you seem to be correct! That's awesome! How'd you find it? Do you have one yourself? We need to find out more info about this controller!

  6. i love searching for random shit, i started with google & got lucky when i tried 'freak control pad' have you seen the the fleshy one? i dont own one but im going keep my eyes open for one, its a kickass collectors piece – bet it looks awesome displayed!

  7. The plot thickens! Someone else found an eBay listing where it is called a Gemini Monster Collection controller. I posted both links on my FB Fan page. We need to find more info!

  8. Hey everyone check the Facebook Fan page (link is in the description) we might have figured it out!

  9. It may have came out during the PS2 era but it is a PS1 analog controller. The PS2 default controller is just an analog stick controller, which came out toward the end of the PS1 lifespan. And all PS1 controllers have a L1, L2, R1 and R2 button. I just checked my original PS1 controllers to make sure. I've had this unit since the PS1 came out 🙂

  10. my controller the the same one rumbles and it came with a normal used ps2 so i was really suprised when i opened the box up to see the awsome controller and it works with my ps2 perfect

  11. It was made by Game-Elements by Gemini. I have one but cant find the packaging, I do have the other one they made that I purchased at the same time, the Fleshy, which is still in the packaging if you'd like a picture or more info let me know.

  12. I never seen that before, thou i remember a chainsaw controller on gamestop thou i dont rememnber for which console.

    Also was that the air guiter from Bill and ted?

  13. It's a Gemini controller sold under the Game-Elements brand. It was designed by Jeff Kokin, a movie miniature and action figure artist. Yours must have lost the info sticker on the back that would have given you the Gemini lead on google. Here's a link to my info source though, if you're curious:

  14. sorry, it isn't letting the link work for some reason. Just google "Jeff Kokin PS2 Gemini controller." It should be the first or second link

  15. Hell, I had one in that shape of Spongebob, and one in the shape of Spider-Man.
    This one's probably just some unofficial job. You see them around.


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