WHY IT MATTERS: The Nintendo 64 WAS Nintendo’s Greatest Failure (Episode 12)


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In this episode of Why it Matters we discuss how the Nintendo Switch has brought back Nintendo from the brink of disaster once again. The Nintendo 64 was a failure in terms of sales and what it essentially created, which was quite amazing. The Sony PlayStation was created because of the Nintendo 64 and it’s development from the CD Based add on of the Super Nintendo. Because of Nintendo’s biggest failures, the Nintendo 64, the GameCube, and the Wii U, Nintendo was able to recover and understand how to shift their ideas to create the Nintendo Switch.
And the Nintendo Switch worked…

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  1. If Nintendo wants to keep the Switch Relevant they have to keep doing more things to keep people interested. Yeah it had a great first year in 2017 but it needs to keep up the pace otherwise people will not be too interested. There is a lot of things they can do to make people interested in the Switch but like they learned from the Wii U it needs to have better Marketing and More Great Games from Third Party Developers.

  2. The Mega Man comparison between PS and N64 makes the N64 look really good. Though textures were blurred on the N64 it looked a whole lot smoother.

  3. N64 was waaay better. Goldeneye, Mario Kart, mario party, conkers bad fur day and other games that were nintendo exclusives. N64 best game SSB is still very popular now. Ps1 just was based on hype, it seemed cooler and less childish with tekken etc. N64 was better for the 8-16 age range. Ps1 was more for the 20 year olds. But n64 is being played more than ps1 right now so what does that say?

  4. The picture you used for Final Fantasy VII comparing PlayStation disc to N64 cartridges incorrectly says 1 CD. It was 3 discs. Sorry I don't mean to sound condescending or rude I just wanted to point it out. But great video!

  5. Rave! It's like saying that SNES it was by the steam console, because it did not have a СD add-on, unlike Genesis, TurboGrafx and Neo-Geo

  6. Nintendo made some really bad choices and I think the consequences manifesting as really low sales was fair. But hopefully now with the Switch going forward they can learn from their mistakes and continue to make some great games.

  7. the Nintendo 64 was my favorite console but i agree that it could have sparked competition with Sony and maybe Microsoft where they seem to sometimes look to Nintendo to copy off of and because they have a wide market they get more attention. But what Nintendo did with the switch they are extending there market with mature rated games and just more mature games in general!

  8. Wasn't a failure overall, the only real big failures were the Virtual Boy and Wii U. N64 and GameCube weren't really successes, but they weren't failures imo

  9. i wouldnt consider it a failure due to the amazing amount of games it brought us such as mario 64, wave race, golden eye and many others

  10. The n64 was not so much a failure as it was an underperformer. There is no guarantee that had nintendo went to disc instead of carts that it would have performed better. If the measure of success for a new nintendo console is how well it performs against the competition vs the snes, then everything that has come after will be considered a failure. The n64 is much more of a success than the vitural boy, wii u, and many other consoles nintendo branded or not. Some of the strongest games ever released regardless of platform have been for the n64. During the mid to late 90s, nintendos first and second party developers were regularly churning out gold standards like clockwork, regardless of the inherent hardware and software limitations, with a consistency that many studios today would be greatly envious of. To say the n64 was a failure is to purposefully ignore all the facts.


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