X-men Sega Genesis Stage 1, 2, 3 SuperHero NO HITS TAKEN


Me playing X-men on sega genesis, i have this game pretty much memorized its not even funny. So i know where everything is. Its actually a pretty easy game. I can play this game with my eyes closed literally. Ive spent hours upon hours mastering each level.


  1. bullshit you can beat this game on the hardest difficulty …. I tried so many times and even with cheats it was almost impossible.

  2. I'm working on a superhero run of this game, I'm going to do it with no "assist" xmen. Haven't seen a run like that yet. To the people claiming this is cheating or fake; it's not. This is legit, learn how to play the game before talking shit.

  3. I would always piss off my friends doing this in this game.. busting some moves in sync with the music while they tried to move on in the stage

  4. Yea maybe if I try playing this game it wouldn't be as hard as I thought it was cause I played this game when I was in 1st grade….had no idea what I was suppose to do but kill everything I saw.

  5. You know in the Excalibur's Lighthouse stage, you can use Iceman on the spot where you meet Sabertooth and skip him, right?  the 3rd or so tile in triggers him, use Iceman on that platform before that tile and skip the fight


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